Video Deposition

Video depositions document not only what was said, but how. It can capture an individual’s demeanor and emotion, and have a powerful effect on the jury.

Video Deposition Services

Professional videographers record at the location of your choice for depositions and other legal meetings, providing high-quality audio and video of your case’s critical moments.

In conjunction with digital and hard copy transcriptions, these video records create a thorough court record attorneys can search and edit for the details they need.

Video depositions offer a level of detail and nuance that cannot be captured on paper. It can have a tremendous impact on insights to testimony through body language, facial expressions, behavior, and even vocal inflection.

Video & Text Synchronization

Video review is available with a scrolling, searchable transcript accompanying the deposition footage.

Attorneys can search for pertinent pieces of the transcript by text and pull up the associated section of the video, as well as connect relevant clips for playback in a courtroom presentation.

“We have used Kane and Trap Court Reporting service exclusively for over 20 years. The state-of-the-art service that we received is beyond reproach and without fail, in that Kelly and Katy have always gone above and beyond to meet our deadlines.

(Not only in the courtroom, but) they have also accompanied us out-of-state. Kane and Trap keeps up with the latest technology so that electronic delivery of the daily and the final transcripts are sent safely and securely over the Internet. I would highly recommend (them) for your Court Reporting and Videography litigation needs.”

Carla Jo Compton

Legal Administrative Assistant, Drew Cooper & Anding

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