Official Transcription Services

Kane and Trap goes beyond court reporting, providing real-time and daily copies of transcripts, with expedited delivery for your fast-paced world.

Court Reporting

With court reporting transcription services for depositions and more, Kane and Trap, Inc., offers transcription in real time, allowing attorneys to instantly access digital transcriptions to make notes and markups in the moment – as the deposition is unfolding.

In addition to real-time, verbatim transcription, daily copies are fully edited and available online, and even on your mobile device. They are stored safely in our secure archives and available for hard copy delivery.

We have you covered for video depositions too!

Our Court Reporting Services

Any deposition or official meeting is dense in information. Having a detailed transcript in black and white is essential for accurate pre-discovery work, reference and record keeping.

Arbitration Transcription

Transcripts and accurate record keeping aren’t just important for the courtroom. In the arbitration process – whichever side you may be sitting on – being able to look back at records of the proceedings is critical for all parties involved.

Kane and Trap, Inc. brings expertise gained through court reporting to the world of arbitration, providing the same level of professionalism, accuracy, and expedited transcription services to your dispute resolution proceedings.

Mediation Transcription

Regardless of the nature of a dispute, or process by which you resolve it, detailed records of conversations and presentations can be crucial in the decision-making process.

We offer transcription services for any type of mediation meeting, from family disputes to workplace conflicts, commercial or personal disagreements, even medical disputes and contract negotiation.

Your transcriptions are available in digital and hard copy format, ready for review or transfer with speed and accuracy.

Board Meeting Transcription

Corporate board meetings are filled with crucial information, often moving at a fast pace. Being able to review verbatim transcriptions – beyond meeting minutes – can help board members and directors make informed decisions and best serve their organizations.

Detailed accounts of discussions, votes, motions, or any other portion of the meeting are all captured with absolute precision, and delivered in a format that works for you, hard copy, digital and securely archived for access on demand.

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