Exhibit Production Services

Your exhibits are scanned, organized, and uploaded to our repository, available on demand, from anywhere.

Expert Exhibit Production

To make a strong case, it’s essential to present evidence and supplemental information in a concise, easily understood way.

Exhibit production services from Kane and Trap, Inc. help you achieve just that through video, images, and expertly presented data.

Exhibits are scanned, organized, and uploaded to our repository, available on demand.

Any deposition or official meeting is dense in information. Having a detailed transcript in black and white is essential for accurate pre-discovery work, reference and record keeping.

Video Exhibit Production

Video exhibit production services provide a visually engaging way to present both technical and emotional information.

From video walkthroughs for accident claims or inspections, to documentary and deposition footage that adds real human stories to your case, video exhibits can display nuances and fine details other presentations cannot.

Video exhibit services include:

  • Video Documentary: “day in the life” for injury and settlement cases, inspection video compilation, site walkthroughs, etc.
  • Video playback with text and graphic elements
  • Video edits and compilation
  • On location videography

Print Exhibit Production

Print exhibit production service collates your crucial information, such as names, dates, financial figures, etc., into accessible presentations.

Documents, including charts, graphs, timelines, and other visual aids, are combined with photographs and transcripts to create a vivid picture of your case.

Binders and printouts can be provided as needed.

Exhibit Equipment Services

To ensure your presentations go smoothly, we can procure exhibit equipment and setup at any location.

We will prepare and test the equipment equipment before proceedings begin, and provide any necessary instructions for operation.

If you are unsure about which equipment to use, we can recommend the most reliable, state-of-the-art tools.

Presentation Training

Preparation is essential to presenting a strong case, and attorneys need each piece to fall into its proper place.

To ensure that the people involved in your proceedings are fully prepared, Kane and Trap, Inc. offers training and rehearsal services at our facility, or at the location of your choice.

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