About Kane & Trap Court Reporting, Inc.

As an independently-owned firm with over 20 years of experience, Kane & Trap Inc., provides modern solutions for court reporting services, video depositions, exhibit production, and official transcription.

From the deposition room to the board room, we understand the necessity of accurate, high-quality reporting and deliver it to our clients every day.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver verbatim transcription in real-time, on-site or remotely, with secure, edited copies archived and accessible online and even on your mobile device.

Forward Thinking

Our leading technology helps clients to simplify, organize, and expedite official transcription of all kinds, including highly complex and technical cases, to keep up with today’s fast-paced world quickly and efficiently,

Problem Solvers

No matter how many parties are involved, even if remotely, where you are meeting or what issues you face, we help you get the right solutions, with the right technology to ensure quality record-keeping, easily and efficiently.

Customer Service

Our experienced staff of court reporters and videographers are ready to assist you in Grand Rapids, all over Michigan, and even nationwide, with friendly, courteous service that’s always professional.

Court Reporting Excellence

Choosing the right court reporting firm has never been more important. As members of the NCRA and MAPCR, Kane and Trap, Inc., staff only state and nationally certified court reporters, while utilizing the latest technology and industry best practices to provide reliable and expert court reporting services.

Through commitment to excellence, investment in the latest technology, and the best in professional court reporters, we stay one step ahead – so you can too!

“Kane & Trap court reporters and videographers are accurate, careful, thorough, and timely. They are all about service. I recommend them with enthusiasm and without reservation.”
Jon March

Miller Johnson

Serving Grand Rapids and All of Michigan

We will travel to your location, set up our conference room for you, or arrange a room on your behalf, anywhere!

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